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How We Sharpen Your Clipper Blades

Sharpen Right Services LLC

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How we sharpen clipper blades

1. The first thing we do is blow out blades with compressed air.

2. We then clean the blades with Simple Green and a lite bristled brush. Soaking if necessary.

3. We then blow out the blades with compressed air again to make sure they are dry.

4. We then disassemble each blade carefully; keeping all parts in order to that particular blade. The blade and comb are kept together ready for sharpening.

5. We inspect the blades for broken teeth, damage or unusual wear. If we find any damage we will notify you before sharpening and inform you whether we can repair the blade.

6. We then use a dial indicator to accurately measure the cutter and combs thickness before sharpening. Making note of the measurements.

7. We then use a Nebraska Blade Sharpening machine to sharpen both the blade and comb. We only remove enough material to make sure the blade will cut efficiently.

8. We then demagnetize the blade and comb.

9. We then use a lite bristled brush to remove any burrs or material left on the teeth of the cutter and comb from sharpening.

10. We blow off the blade and comb once again with compressed air.

11. We then oil the teeth and rails on the cutter and comb and carefully reassemble each blade properly aligning all the parts.

12. We then use test string, faux fur and sometimes rabbit pelts to make sure the blades are cutting efficiently.

We always want feedback; good or bad about all of our sharpening. We are human and can and will make mistakes. The more detail about how your tools are performing the better. If there is an issue we want to address it as soon as possible. We want you as a customer for life.

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